Beginning of the End

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Vinyl // 12"

No frills LP of the Spiderleg Records material, Winter 7", Beginning of the End 7", No Sanctuary 12". I first heard these records when I was in high school and I really latched onto the apokalyptic aesthtic and dark proto crust vibe of the music. Muscially this material is more hardcore punk with a strong influence from bands like Killing Joke and the more gothic leaning Anarcho bands like the Mob. Amebix went on to become quite cult as a metallic crust band but to be honest, I prefer this early material the most. 

When I was about 16 Amebix, Rudimentary Peni and Discharge were my favorite bands and I was really leaving US hardcore (except Crucifix) behind and listening almost totally to bands from the UK or the Nordic Countries. You had to work a little harder to find this stuff, but it was more intense and powerful and meaningful to me. While most of my peers were content with Cirlce Jerks and Dead Kennedys I was mail ordering stuff like Amebix and playing boom box tapes to my friends after school trying to make converts. I was a high school vegan and I scored this amazing pleather biker jacket at a thrift shop. It was two sizes too big, but such a score. I had some paint from building model airplanes, and I painstakingly copied the cover of "Beginning of the End" onto the back of this jacket. I couldn't wait to demonstrate my style at a hardcore show. I got on the metro bus to go downtown as I got up to get off the bus there was a sticky sucking sound  and I couldn't move at first. The wet paint on my jacket had stuck to the bus seat. I got up and there was a smeared reversed image of "Beginning of the End" on the back of vinyl bus seat and my jacket was smeared mess. Some  B-Boys on the bus were cracking up. I guess enamel paints don't dry on vinyl? I later painted a back patch with fabric paint and sewed it on instead.