Soundtrack for Trouble

Vinyl // 7"

One of the all time greats! I first heard this 7" back in the early 80's when a friend played it for me over the phone and I have loved it ever since. This re issue features the original four tracks and two lackluster "bonus tracks" that should have been saved for the CD version. The original four songs are so killer, great punk/hardcore from Stockton California circa 1982. Just totally snotty and raw punk/hardcore "I hate cops" is one of the all time best punk party anthems. This band gets lumped in with "KBD" punk a lot since they were on some of those comps, but the songs are more like right on the edge between punk and hardcore and are catchy as fuck. You can't not sing along to this after your first listen, you will remember these songs forever and when they come on the stereo years from now, you will starting singing along "I...HATE...COPS...I...HATE...COPS"