The Whole Nine Grams


Better late than never, it's a discography CD from Civil Disobedience. This Michigan/Minnesota band recorded some of the most unique and exciting punk music in the 1990s. The band self released this and they took a great deal of time remastering and compiling all the material for this release. Included is the Political Prisoners demo, the 7" on Havoc, the LP on Profance Existence, the two comp tracks from "Start a Riot" and the unreleased Hindsight EP recorded in 1996. The band is working on a new website which will feature unreleased material as well. Nice booklet with all the lyrics, band bio etc. I now not a lot of people buy CDs anymore, but this is especially essential if you never picked up the demo cassette as it's here in it's entirety with nice sound quality and lryics.


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