Who Needs Diplomacy

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Vinyl // 12"

Excellent UK political punk rock from some veterans. If you are like me and grew up listening to Conflict, Crass and the like as well as UK Subs, Blitz and Abrasive Wheels, you'll love this records. Hard hitting catchy punk rock with memorable choruses, coupled with sober and serious political lyrics that are heartfelt and to the point. The "street punk" scene in America has been over run by postcard poseurs and this is a good antidote for those of us who love this style but can't hang with most of it's current moribund status.

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New full length from this bunch of Brum anarcho street punx, think of GBH with brains!. " says the info, in fact this is their best material and i´m pretty much surprised. They changed the singer once again and blow out 15 new Tracks lyricwise in a simialr style than Oi Polloi which is not an insult here than they have plenty to say. If you like good old UK Punkrock mixed with a bit more sing a long anthems this is what you probably look for. Good one.

Review - Contempt have been kickin´out punk rock tunes since 1984. The band came together out of the ashes of three Wolverhampton based punk bands Vendetta, Seventh Plague and Pulex Irritans and have since gone on to tour all over the UK and in Europe. The bands line-up has changed a lot over the years, but the music remains true and Contempt just refuse to go away......Contempt play mid tempo - fast anarcho punk rock, with political lyrics covering issues such as war, poverty, human rights, animal rights, anti-fascism, anti-racism and anti-capitalism. "Who Needs Diplomacy?" is their new 15 track album.