Jetzt Oder Nie

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Vinyl // 12"


Double Lp Discography of this quite under rated Austrian hardcore band. Extrem started in 1979 and most people only know them from their song on the Cleanse the Bacteria Comp. This collection is very well done from the original tapes and features the Extrem side of the very rare split LP with Mickeyman, as well as additional songs from that studio session. The other disc features a studio session from 1984 that was partially released as a cassette back in the day (this is the session that spawned the Cleanse the Bacteria Track).  This band was never well known in the US, and I haven't listened to the split in a long time, this material holds up very well. Excellent European hardcore with a lot of speed and energy. Reminds me a lot of Mob47 when the fast parts kick in, otherwise it's more the territory of contemporary German hardcore like Inferno. Definately a band that needs a closer look, I think that the lack of a cult collector 7" has probably hurt this bands reputation and notoriety.