Naen Punaista

Vinyl // 7"

Farewell 7" from this outstanding Swedish/Finnish group. Simply amazing raw blazing hardcore with catchy riffs and out of control solos 

This is the US pressing on Prank and our copies are on color vinyl

Sweden's HERATYS combine the overdrive of D-beat hardcore like TOTALITAR with the savage consonant-laden vocal attack of classic Finnish hardcore, topping this 7-song rampage with blazing guitar leads punctuated with searing quick solos. Featuring Members of SCUMBRIGADE and SKITSYSTEM, HERATYS were a unique band in Swedish hardcore, singing entirely in Finnish. They wrote - and thankfully recorded- this final 7" before their unexpected breakup in 2012, as it's one of the most completely raging Scandinavian - or otherwise- Hardcore records of recent note, reaching their most seamless combination of the influences that surfaced in their previous 12" and 4 song EP released in Europe. US pressing of this EP was mastered by George horn with heavy weight vinyl in pocket Sleeve with Insert. Members now play in HARDA TILDER and INSTITUTION.


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