Totuus Palaa

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Vinyl // 12"

Finally re issued on vinyl! This is a true monster of a record. In 1999 I was visiting Helsinki and went record shopping with some friends. I was flipping through the bins and this record came to the fore. Markku Hirvela leaned over and said "You Must Buy This Record". Having never heard of the band, and thinking I was pretty up on Finnish Punk and hardcore, I was dubious "Is it a punk record? I asked" He replied, "Not really but it's great anyway". I bought it and I am so glad I did. This record has a truly unique sound and vibe. Discogs calls it Post Punk, but it's almost like Post Punk, Post Metal, Post Goth and Post Rock all at once. Really heavy dirgy riffs and tortured vocals creating a haunting and chilling atmosphere. I really have a hard time describing this record, but everyone who listens to it, seems to agree that it's tight.