In the Shadow of the Bomb

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Vinyl // 7"

Sheffields Rat Cage has been my favorite band of the last few years. While so many bands seem intent on overcomplicating hardcore or making hardcore into something it's not (indie rock, goth, metal) Rat Cage just plays raw, pure, fast hardcore with an unhinged and frenetic energy, this music captures some of that wild energy of the early 80's Italian, Finnish and Brazillian scenes when hardcore seemed be delivered with a raw urgency and punch that seems lacking from so many bands today. The 7" was originaly released as a super limited lathe cut, now available on hard vinyl from La Vida Es Un Mus. I will be honest, I'm not as into these tracks as those on the 7"s or LP, but they are still great, so get it while you can. 


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