Youth Anthems for the New Order

Vinyl // 12"

Here's a eurpean re press of one of the all time classics of American Hardcore Punk. From NYC Reagan Youth mixed Crass style anarcho politics with the hardcore reality of the NYHC scene. The result was some very raw and hardhitting hardcore punk with strong socio political lyrics that are simple and true. I saw this band in the mid 1980's with NYC's Antidote and it was a mind blowing show. I interviewed the late Dave Insurgent for my zine and he was a pretty "out there" guy. Sincere, but really someone who probably would only fit in and find a mode of expression in hardcore punk. A real example of how diverse and amazing the early 80's hardcore scene was. This LP has the original track list on one side, and a revised track list with some bonus tracks (that aren't as good as the original) on the other side. Has a repro of the original poster sleeve.


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