Enkel Resa Till Ran

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Vinyl // 12"

Now out of print.


Everyone knows I love Swedish hardcore and no one does it better than Skitsystem from Gothenburg. This second full-length follows up on the head crushing sounds of their first LP Gra Varld Svarta Tankar. This is a scathing steamroller of pure Scandinavian hardcore power. Combine the raw thrashing power of early 80's bands like Anti-Cimex, Asocial, Crude SS and Crudity with the ferocity and anger of modern day crust core with some brutal production by Mieszko of Nasum and you begin to feel the weight of the power of Skitsystem.

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First press, 2001: 2500 marbled, 500 clear. Second press November 2003 900 black, 100 clear red vinyl with clear red covers, sold on Skitsystem 2004 tour and at Thrash Fest 5.Third Press 1000 on mixed vinyl Feb. 2005.Second CD press, 2005: 1000 black vinylFourth Press, 2008: 500 black vinylFifth press, 2010: 1000 black vinyl

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Den Yttersta Dagen/ Helvtesmarshen/ Fortard Av Smarta/ Ursinnets Atervandsgrand/ Knytnave Med Viglesring/ Langst Ner Pa Samhallstegen/ Stustat/ Avgrund/ Skiliv/ Valkommen Doda Varld/ Jag Talar For De Tysta/ Under Hopploshetens Kall Stjarna

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