Vinyl // 7"

After enthusiastic feedback from their previous "1981-2011" 7", this vets don't want to leave us another two decades for the new release. Totally opposite - they're working on a new songs, doing record...ings, doing regular shows and at the same time they're shutting mouths of those complainings about boring reunions or long gone generation. They're bringing back old anthemic songs from the early 80's where there was no any chance to record/release them and at the same time they're coming with new 100% fist in the air punk rock with current critical lyrics. New 7" "Ścierwo" (Bloody pulp) contains four songs. Two old songs - "Religia" with guest apperance of Czombe, original guitar player and also song "Wasza wiara?" with new arrange (originally performed by Zygzak from Tzn Xenna with Dezerter at Jarocin Festival in 1984). There's also two brand new songs - (Crass sounding) "Korporacyjny lament song" about hard-working corporate machine and (Abrasive Wheels/One Way System sounding) "Ścierwo" about unstoppable human demand for blood and suffering.


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