More World, Less Bank 3, No Borders, No Banks

Vinyl // 7"

Have you ever wondered if there are a thing such as the perfect compilation? Well, look no further! The world has so far stopped twice; once in 2003 and oonce in 2005. Now it's time again for what might be considered the best alternative compilation record ever. Hereon you'll find all killers, no fillers. This EP is filled to the brim with the best of the best.

8 bands, 8 tracks - all exclusive! Why ever change a winning concept? For the first time in six long years, here it is - an almost 16 minutes long compilation just waiting to be heard. For the common people, not just the punx of today - against the world bank and against the state borders everywhere. In a world where networks such as Ingen människa är illegal/No one is illegal is becoming more and more important. Here is the More world, less bank part 3: No banks, no borders!


With Misar, Krimtank, Slaktrens, Eskatalogia, Passiv Dodshjalp, Insidious Process, Moderat Likvidation, End of All