Kuoleeman Tappaneet

Vinyl // 12"

Finnish "Killed by Death" comp that builds upon the Bloodstains Across Finland comp of some years ago, features some known bands and some very obscure bands, several are cassette only or unreleased, and hitherto known to almost no one outside of a few hardcore collectors. Comes with a THICK booklet

here's what google translate has to to say..

Death killed: punk rock like small cost 1977-1983. February 17. Svart records publishes a long calls Finnish tick the first wave of secret weapons. Death killed compilation album 14 songs are teenage band audio by self publishing and Mia passionate punk rock flip off ice for 1977-1983. Songs are re-previously unpublished. Vinyl LP Supplement Annex 52-page book that showcases band s' stories. Punk hit Finland than a hundred thousand volts. DIY idea inspired was born in a few years dozens, if not hundreds of bands college towns in small villages. Part of the bands of stuck, Finnish artists skies fixed stars. Part went into oblivion. Part Never wanted to do was call. Compilation Album Bands most published one seven inch disc. Some people to become famous. Others because they realized that disc honors himself is possible. Little from albums, and like a relic of the songs are chosen for their worth deserves recognition at cost of small roads and distribution channels of communication clumsy. Album has been elected to the era of the worst, the most grotesque and original with latest rock it. Therefore collection also works as a Finn in return, killed by death ' Collection Series. Informal post first four part series was assembled from Norway. Killed by death-collections showcase mainly american raw tick where it wasn't supposed to be. In the name of a collection of the boys but they wanted to beat death. Because mass unemployment and 'Kekko Slovak' eat attitude atmosphere in the middle of playing young punk was all about. Self-expression, creativity and meaningful conclusion. Own Footprint Indentation Rock 'n' roll on the path. Collection in punk operators rainbow covers the whole country. A1. Tweety & ministers "computer" [1980] Kuusankoski A2. Tragedy "hypocrite" [1983] Lempäälä A3. Neurosis / Dolor Ex: ' rock against seija big island " [1980] Suomussalmi A4. SOS: "lousy" [1980 Bay]* A5. Nirvana "banned playing" [1980] Ruovesi A6. Stratus "lie just" [1980] Bristol A7.. Tower Band: "peace and love" [1981] Kitee B1. Br ups: "Ramp-ton" [1980/1], vaasa B2. Lotso ten " by scratching the money ' [1982] Polvijärvi B3. Cattle: "I'm going" [1979] Hämeenlinna B4. Blah "punk philosophy" [1982] Lempäälä B5. Major City Disadvantages: "Elvis guitar" [1978/9 Renegade]* B6. Tumor " is Finland has been us?" [1979] Jyväskylä B7. Give lasts " Åland Islands back to Sweden [1977 in tampere]*