Burning the Blindfolds of Bigots

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Vinyl // 12"

PRE-SACRILEGE (UK) there was WARWOUND...12 brand new tracks & 1 cover song. Originally established in 1982, a reformed and revitalised Warwound have been doing the rounds for a couple of years, and finally they present to you their brutal new full length. Original member Damien Thompson (Sacrilege) has been joined by Ian Glasper (Stampin' Ground, 36 Strategies, etc.), Stevie Wingrove (Hellkrusher, The Vile, etc.) and Rat (Varukers, Vile, etc.) so what do you seriously expect?! A bass and drum driven beast layered with acute riff laden rhythm and leads, while Rat's vocals are as visceral as ever!! This powerhouse Warwound line-up does not rest on the sounds of their past demos and have strengthened their delivery creating a surgically tight heavyweight metallic punk crossover fiend!! LP comes with a printed inner sleeve including lyrics.


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