When The Punx Go Marching In

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Vinyl // 12"

Re issued on vinyl, this time by Puke N Vomit, here's one of the all time classics of early 80's UK punk. Abrasive Wheels 1982 Riot City Lp "When the Punks Go Marching In" has been a personal favorite of mine since the early 80's. With the possible exception of the title track (a punk version of the traditional hymn) this is an all killer, no filler LP. Every song on the LP is high energy, with catchy riffs and great lyrics. I have been singing along to the songs on this record since I bought it back in the day and it still makes me proud to be punk.  

Track Listing: 

Vicious Circle, 1982, Danger Danger, BBC, Mayday, voice of Youth, Just Another Punk Band// Gottarun, Burn 'em down, Shout it Out, Slaughterhouse, First Rule (No Rule), Attack, When the Punks go marching in. 

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