The System EP

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Vinyl // 7"

Back in stock! We got a few copies of this one back from a distributor.

Seattle's Bristle was one of the better traditional punk bands of the 90's. Not as heavy or thrashing as most of the bands I've worked with Bristle's music reminds me more of the great British bands of the early 80's who mixed the high energy of punk with a more melodic sound at a rollicking pace. Their fast aggressive style of punk rock was right at home in the days of the Pist and Aus Rotten. Bristle changed labels several times but their other releases include the Fired from Life 7", Won't Die for You LP, and  Inner Conflict 7" on Beer City. Bristle broke up in 1999, but reformed in 2004.

Pressing Info: 

First pressing, 1994: 1,800 black, 200 blue, Second pressing 2,000 red

Track Listing: 

Side 1: System/ I'm Drunk/ Pain
Side 2: Ignorance/ Officer Right/ Social Life