Diva Moment

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Vinyl // 7"

Here in the Twin Cities the local hardcore punk scene has exploded after the pandemic. A new crop of bands and large crowds of enthusiastic young fans have breathed new life into our scene. The high energy is palpable as you walk down the stairs into one of our many thriving DIY basement venues. One of the bands at the forefront of this next wave of Twin Cities bands is Buio Omega. Buio Omega plays high energy hardcore punk with a two guitar attack. Their live shows are always a sweaty mess and they have built up a cult following in the Upper Midwest. The band's demo was released as a limited lathe cut 7” that sold out in minutes. Now a proper 7” with all new tracks captures the band as they emerge from the basement filled with power and energy. Named for a cult horror film, Buio Omega draws imagery from horror and pro wrestling. Theatrical frontwoman Greer is known for her campy costumes on stage and also is the brains and talent behind the eye catching graphics. We love this band here in the TC and this 7” is sure to Buio Omega on the map.