Live for Nothing

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Vinyl // 12"

 Dead Stop follow up their first LP and 7" with 11 new tracks. Punishing hardcore in the early 80's US tradition like Negative Approach, Antidote and early Agnostic Front.

This LP is long out of print, but I found 10 copies on red vinyl with no covers in the storage room, and there was still a partial box of covers, so now available again after 14 years once these are gone, that's it.

Pressing Info: 

One Pressing October 2005: 100 pink vinyl, 500 red vinyl, 1400 black vinyl.

Track Listing: 

Walk the Line/ Bend and Break/ What I fear Most/ In Hell/ Locked Inside/ You Have It All// Separate Ways/ Better Than Me/ Live for Nothing/ State of Waste/ Letting Go