Havoc New Release Update

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Here's a new release update from Havoc Records. You are getting this email because you signed up for our newsletter when you visited the havocrecords.com website.

We have a new release and some new distributed titles.

Out now on Havoc:

Institution “Domen Ar Satt” Lp $6.50  This is a re press of the very limited LP which was originally pressed on DeNihil Records in Sweden. Institution features members of Totalitar, Meanwhile, Heratys and Kvoteringen. As you would presume by the pedigree of the band members they play raw Swedish hardcore punk very much in the vein of the last Totalitar LP.

Also we have some distributed titles that sold out fast back in print:

Hardcore Victim Records of Australia with worldwide Distribution by Havoc

Bloody Hammer s/t LP-$7 The first pressing of this LP sold out in a few weeks, so we’ve pressed up some more. Mixing Oi, punk and pub rock this is a hard edged Lp of gritty bar room brawlers. White vinyl.

Kromosom-8 Tracks 12”-$7 Third pressing, the band sold all the last copies on their recent US Tour and Chaos in Tejas appearance. Raw punk “noise not music” one of the very best bands in this genre.  White vinyl

DesperatBorjan Pa Slutet” 7” $3.50 Second pressing of this 7” featuring members of Mob 47. Fast paced Swedish hardcore.

Also out now:

E.A.T.E.R. (Ernst and the Edsholm Rebels) Doomsday Troops 7” $2.75

Classic 1983 Swedish hardcore punk re press on Loud Punk records with Distro help by Havoc. EATER are 80’s Swedish punk with a good mix of fast paced Anti Cimex style hardcore songs and more 82 UK influenced songs in the vein of the Bristles or Asta Kask.

Coming next from Hardcore Victim-Last Chaos/Vaarilinen split 7”, don’t forget the Hardcore Victim backstock Last Chaos 7”, Leprosy 7”, Teargas LP, Vaginors LP.

Coming Next from Havoc-Sacrilege Demos double LP. Classic UK crust/metal/hc all four demos, official deluxe re issue.

Plus all the hard to find Imports and distributed labels like Terroten, Svart, Radation, and more.