Pain is Causing Life

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Vinyl // 7"

Hyper fast-core from Australia. I discovered Heist from picking up their 7" on Ecocentric Records. The band agreed to do a 7" on Havoc and blasted this EP out after 3 rehearsals. Total speed-fest manic thrash in the vein of Heresy and Infest. Currently holds the record for most songs on a Havoc release, sixteen in all. The drummer went on to be in Rupture and Nailed Down. Heist released a CD with a different line up and has since broken up. This record sold out in 2004.

Release Date: 
Pressing Info: 

First Pressing, 1997: 2,500 Marbled 500 Blue

Track Listing: 

Side A: Skull is Dumb/ Grip/ Total Retardation/ Back to Earth/ Pain is Causing Life/ All For One/ Kill and Kill Again/ Hail Ned Kelly

Side B: Fuck Wit/ Holding Hands with Satan/ Rape the Mind/ Hater/ We Like Ebola/ Misanthropic/ Kelly Gang/ You're Killing Me