Flyten Fran Verkligheten

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Vinyl // 7"

Out of Print

Second press has a different color inserts and center labels.

Incendiary raw hardcore punk featuring memebers of Totalitar, Extended Hell, Subversive Rite and more. Heart pounding, fist pumping, tooth gnashing Swedish style hardcore punk with those trademark vocals. With the people in the streets and cities in flames, we need radical hardcore punk like this to remind us that hardcore punk is a movement of protest and social change.

The band and labels decided that after the unrest this summer, we didn't want things to go back to "business as usual" but remind people that hardcore punk is more than a fashion. 1$ from each record sold will be donated to Club A, a punk/activist run mutual aid organization providing food, hygenic/PPE materials, and other resources to the Bushwick/Bed-Stuy community. You can check them out on Instagram @club_a_nyc


Split release with Desolate Records



Release Date: 
August 10, 2020
Pressing Info: 

First press 400 copies.