Right Is Might

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Vinyl // 12"

Havoc Records presents a deluxe re issue of this long lost material from 1980's Dutch hardcore band Neuroot. Many people know this band from their killer 7" and appearance on the PEACE comp. Recorded 1985 at Emma in Amsterdam, this studio session was meant to be the Neuroot side of the split LP with Fratricide on Pusmort. Pushead pressed 25 test pressings of this Lp but never put it into production, making it one of the rarest hardcore records of the 1980s. This is re pressed as a 45 rpm 12", gatefold sleeve and sweet 80's style layout (no half assed pixelated cover art here) Neuroots demos were re issues by Coaltion a few years ago as well.

Release Date: 
Aug 2012
Pressing Info: 

First Press Aug 2012, 1800 black, 200 yellow

Track Listing: 

(Wir sind)Die Ratten vom Müll,Politicians and Businessmen, The Lie they call The Truth, Nightmare of Humanity, World War III, Alarm

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