Input Equals Output Volume 2

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Vinyl // 12"

Second volume of the Pist discography, more of the great fist pumping punk rock of the Pist. This LP features comp tracks from the Pestilence box set, the Start a Riot comp Lp, the split ep with Brutally Familiar, the split 7" with Against All Authority, the split ep with Half Empty, and comp tracks from Stealing the Pocket, Satisfaction Guaranteed and Dangerously Unstable comps.

Pressing Info: 

First pressing October 2008, 1700 black, 300 blue vinyl

Track Listing: 

Your America, Anti-Human, Right to Choose, Bubblegum Bullshit, Sedate, Someone's Gonna Die, Unspoken, Small Town, Creature in my Closet, Black and Blue collar, Needless, Slogans, Wrong, Walking Revolution, Sedate, Comfortable, The First Stone, Mutual, Can't Tell No One, For Every Action (vinyl only demo version)

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