Feel the Darkness Double LP

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Vinyl // 12"


New double LP "Larry Crane Remix" on TKO with a bonus LP of singles, comp track and out takes. Deluxe gatefold.

Originally released in 1990. This LP marked the high point of Poison Idea's most stable line up. While many bands strive to combine the American Hardcore style with hard rock, only a few have done so in a fashion that was truly powerful and memorable. Poison Idea set the standard for US hardcore with power and speed driven by Jerry A's acid vocals and Pig Champions outstanding songwriting and guitar work. While much of hardcore in the 80's (and today) was driven primarily by speed and energy, many of those bands songwriting deficiencies come out when the speed drops to a mid paced rock out. Black Flag and Poison Idea are among the few that could write truly great, catchy powerful songs at a speed that was a notch or two down from full on thrash. This record was very well received when released and has been out of print on vinyl for some time. Havoc is proud to offer this legit re issue through Farewell Records of Germany.

Track Listing: 

Plastic Bomb/Deep Sleep/the Badge/Just to Get Away/Gone for Good/Death of and Idiot Blues/Taken by Surprise//Alan's on Fire/Welcome to Krell/Nation of Finks/Back Stab Gospel/Painkiller/Feel the Darkness

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