System Error

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Vinyl // 12"

The Restarts are a long running London punk band with several 7"s and an LP already to their credit. This LP sees them taking a hard hitting melodic approach with 12 catchy punk anthems. The Restarts sound is akin to traditional UK punk favorites like early Anti Pasti or a rougher version of the Ruts. The songs are hard hitting yet melodic and catchy with a lot of sing a long choruses. The Restarts lyrics approach a number of social, political and personal topics. Most notable is the approach to technology as a means of social control on the songs system error and xq28. If you are like me, you grew up listening to a lot of UK punk rock. But over the last few years a lot of bands playing this style of music have degenerated into poseur post card pablum with cartoon punk lyrics. This LP is a welcome return to the roots with great punk tunes from the streets and the heart.


out of print.

Pressing Info: 

First press, March 2004:  1500 black vinyl
Second press, January 2005: 500 black vinyl

Track Listing: 

Timewaster/Walk Away/ Breaking My Balls/ System Error/ XQ28/ Crucified// Age of Fear/ Double Standards/ Wouldnt Wanna/ Never Know/ Frustration/ How Yer Father