Update 1/16/20

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Big news here, Code 13 has been invited to reform to play Manic Relapse in Oakland April 24 to 26.  We were honored to be asked to play this fest and we are already working hard to make sure it will be a total blow out. So book your tickets and get ready to party like it's 1999, lets see some fucking mayhem out there. 

You can now follow Xhavocrecordsx on instagram. Be prepared for lots of pictures of hardcore records and backpacking trips, with the occasional vintage airplane. I am on sabbatical and backpacking around the USA, but do not fear, Andy is filling orders two days a week from the Havoc Records bunker in Minneapolis. 

La Familia in Germany and Disfear are working hard on the next round of Disfear re issues, Soul Scars and Everyday Slaughter. Havoc will de doing distribution for these in North and South America. 

Skitsystem Allt E Skit is out of print, although I'm sure you can find a copy in a store or distro without looking too hard. La Familia will re press this one in Germany, and I will get a few for North America. Havoc and La Famila are continuing to partner to try to keep these Swedish hardcore rippers in print and available in both Europe and North America at a reasonable price.