Update 8/9/19

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Small set sale list of books, figure on 3$ or so media mail shipping for the first book and a bit more for each additional. If you are interested in anything from my website or discogs page, let me know, I will make a deal on shipping and larger purchases. 


Punk Rock Hardcore Disc Guide, 1975-2003 Japanese discography book, (in japanese) with obi strip, perfect condition $50

Choosing Death, the improbable history of death metal and grindcore, Albert Mudrian $15 this is the first press with the target like cover.

Spirit of 69 a Skinhead Bible, George Marshall, 1994 edition, in good condition, but has some curl to it from being stored sideways in a box, it is not creased or damaged and would probably lay flat if put on a shelf between two books. $50

Cranked Up Really High, Inside Account of Punk Rock, Stewart Home, original version with the green cover. $15

Making Punk a Threat Again, the best cuts, 1989-1993 Profane Existence, $10

Our Band Could be Your Life, Michael Azzerad $10

Document, A Story of Hope, stories and vegan recipes from the Dublin punk scene $6

Wipe Away My Eyes, A History of Underground Culture and Politics 1979-1999, Erik Farseth Rare diy self published book about the Minneapolis scene with many interviews and insights. $20

No Pity, Stewart Home, 1993 ed. $8

Punk Rock, So What? The Cultural Legacy of Punk, by Roger Sabin, $8