Update Dec 31st

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For what it's worth, here's my year end Top Ten. I probably paid more attention to new bands and checked out more stuff from different genres this year than ever, but still this list is pretty predictable. I've made a playlist on Youtube if anyone wants to check these out.https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5itjKWsk48yZJZAUT6eGAOXNvz03px5v 1. Electric Chair "Social Capital" 7" Probably listened to this the most of any new record this year. Sick and wild, this band really grew on me, now I can't stop listening.  2. Ratcage/Nervous SS split LP Both bands are great, but Ratcage is a personal favorite of the past few years.  3. Golpe LP Raw and frenetic. Let the wild rumpus begin. 4. Guerra Final 7" Tight and powerful raw hc, cool cover art too.  5. Illiterates LP This has that same burly sound that most recent PGH bands have but instead of manly hardcore it's more snotty hardcore punk. (I need a copy of this on vinyl) 6. Yleiset Syyt-"Umpikujamekanismi" ‎7" Raw Finnish hardcore.  7. Suffocating Madness-7" I love that this is hardcore but manages to kind of channel late 80's UK crust core without being very metal.  8. Torso-Homewrecked 7"-This band seamlessly bridges several subsets of hardcore without losing any power or energy.  9. Dissekerad  "Inre Strid" LP Consistently good Swedish hardcore in the Totalitar tradition.  10. Slant LP - Power, energy and delivery.  Honorable mentions. Exil LP, Anti Machine 7", Languid LP, Kohti Tuhoa 7", Quarantine Lp, Restraining Order/Warfare split 7".