Update December 8

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Updated the webstore yesterday with some cool new imports, lots of UK82 like Violators and Action Pact.


Books and ephemera

Cleaning house, and here are a lot of books and ephemera up for sale. Another list with more zines and such will be coming in a few months.

If you see anything you like, drop me a line, if you want to combine with an order from my Webstore (www.havocrecords.com) or Discogs Store (user Havocrex) , just list what you want, I will box it up and get you a price. The more you buy, the more I will drop the price. My email xhavocrecordsx@gmail.com

No Pity, Stewart Home (AK Press, 1993) $10

Gobbing, Pogoing, and Gratuitous bad Language. Anthology, First edition, 1996 $10

Chuck Berry, the autobiograpy, 1987, hardcover, front cover gnawed by dog, $1

Are You Morbid? Into the pandemonium of Celtic Frost, Tom Fischer . MPG books, 2000. $50

The Clash, kill your idols, David Quantick $3

Goldmine Price Guide to Collectible Record Albums, fifth edition 1$.

White Line Fever, Autobiography of Lemmy, 2004 first printing, unread mint, $12

England belongs to me, Steve Goodman low life editions $5

Illustrated collectors guide to punk, part 1, Dave Thompson, 1996 $5

Crazy Diamond, Syd Barret and the dawn of Pink Floyd, 1991 Omnibus $5

Punk, Walter Glass (postcard punk photobook) 1987, binding is loose, $25

Incredibly Strange Music volume 1, RE Search, 1993 $10

Vague-issue 22 media sickness, more contagious than aids $20

New Wave on Record England and Europe 1975-78 Greg Shaw $15

Notes from the Nest, Krut Brecht $10

30 Day Diarrhea diet plan, Kurt Brecht $10

Thrash Metal, Malcom Dome, $20 (not mint condition, pages a bit rumpled)

Bound for Glory, woody guthrie, plum books, 1990s edition $6

Punk Rock, So What, anthology, routledge 1999, cover is bent up. $10

How to make and sell your own record, Diane Rappaport $1

Complete Richard Allen, Volume 1 $25

Complete Richard Allen, Volume 2 $25

Complete Richard Allen, Volume 3 $25

Defiant Pose, Stewart Home, hardcore, peter owen edition, $10

Pure Mania, Stewart Home, Polygon, paperback $10

Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock N Roll 1983 edition $1

Alias Art Mann, Damon Norko, original cherry valley edition 1985, cover is dirty from being in the bottom of my backpack in the summer of 1987, $5

No nonsense guide to the arms trade, $1

No Nonsense guide to international development $1

The essential Lenin, Fisher/Marek $1

On Liberty, man v. the state, Milton Mayer $1

Last Aid, the medical dimensions of Nuclear War (good flyer art) $1

The age of Terrorism, Walter Laqueur $1

Art of the Star Wars Galaxy, $5

The Free, M Gilliland, original Hooligan Press edition 1986, kind of beat up. $6

Soundtracks to the white revolution, white supremacists assaults on youth music subculture, Devin Burghard, 1999 $2

Black Wheel of Anger, Peter Plate, 1989 edition, $2

HR Giger, ARh+ 1991 edition, $10

Obsolete Communism, the left wing alternative, Cohn-Bendit, 1968 (early edition) $5

Eat my dust, the story of John Dillinger, $1

How to stop whining and start living, question mark collective 1999, $2

Night Vision, Illuminating war and class on the neo colonial terrain, Butch Lee, Vagabond, 1993, kind of beat up $5

Poor Mans James Bond, Volume 1, Kurt Saxon, 1980s edition, cover is taped $15

Barry Windsor Smith, Storyteller 2, 1996 $3

Wretched of the earth, franz fanon, paperpack, 1980s edition, $1

Marx-Engels Reader, Robert Tucker ed. $1

American Radical Thought, Henry Silverman ed. Paperback, taped cover $4

Island of fu manchu, Sax Rohmer, pyramid paperback 1966 $1

The Trail of Fu Manchu, Sax Rohmer, Pryamid paperback, 1966 $1

The Insidious Dr Fu Manchu, Sax Rohmer, hardcover 1920, ex library book $1

Spanish Civil War, Paul Preston, 1986 edition, $5

Disasters of War, Goya, Dover Press, 1967 $3

Politics of Urban Liberation, Stephen Schecter, Black Rose, 1979 $4

Everything you wanted to know about anarchism, but were afraid to ask, pamplet $1

Anarchism Today, David Apter, and james Joll paperback, 1972 $3

Alternative Americas, Mildred Loomis, hardcover 1982, $4

Rebellion in the backlands, euclides da cunha, paperback $3

Falange, a history of spanish fascism, stanley payne, hardcover, $10

Louis Riel, comic strip biography, Chester Brown, $5

Zapata and the Mexican Revolution, John Womack, paperback, 80s edition $3

The Urban Guerilla, Martin Oppenheimer, paperback $3

Flesh and blood, a history of  the cannibal complex, Reay Tannahil, hardcover $6

Class War a decade of disorder $6

You Don’t have to fuck people over to survive, Seth Tobocman, pressure drop, 1990 $10

Adventures of Tintin, breaking free, attack international, early 90’s edition, $5

Maltesta’s Anarchy, freedom press $1

No Statist Solutions, anarchism and the troubles in Northern Ireland $1

Anarchism and the black revolution, lorenzo Kom’boa ervin Mid atlantic anarchist 1993 edition, $10

Writings of the vancouver five, paperback booklet, $2

A look at Leninism, ron taber, booklet $1

Adventures in Subversion, Flyers and posters, 1981-1985 Anti Authoritarians anonymous $20

You can’t blow up a social relationship, the anarchist case against terrorism, 1981 $1

Abbie Hofman, soon to be a major motion picture, paperback $1


Death for profit-Hardcore Invasion, with Total Chaos, Chaos UK, Dogma Mundista 1993 $5

3620 seconds of the dils, xerox cover $1