Update Feb 2

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Just added a few items to the webstore today, a new LP by Finnish band Raygun, which captures that classic raw Finnish hardcore punk sound. Also the Pissheads 7", which is pretty awesome, and the Symbol Six "Posh Boy Sessions" Lp. Also the Desperat "Borjan Pa Slutet" 7" is back in stock and now there are some on Blue Vinyl for mail order.

We should be getting the next round of Svart re issues in any day now, including one of my personal favorites the Sensuuri Lp. Also, a lot of people have been asking about the new Finnish punk band Paa Kii, and I'm pleased to announce I will be getting their LP for US Distribution. This band is causing a stir in Finland, they have a catchy 70's punk sound a lot like Kaka Hata 77.