Update Jan 2

Havoc Records, Fresh for 2014. Big update to the site today with a killer shipment from Svart Records, including Karanteeni and Widows 7" re issues, Kohu 63 MLP re issue, and new splits from Kylma Sota and Rajoitus and Ydintuho. Also the new 7"s from Clusterbombunit and Mercy Killings. Added quite a few restocks as well. 

Check out the new Clearance section on the site, t shirts and back stock reduced for quick sale. I'm clearing out shirts in a big way, supplies are limited on many sizes.

The Forward/Teargas splits should be in by the middle of next week. All the color vinyl went to Australia to sell on tour, but we will have black vinyl for Distribution everywhere else.

I am working out a deal to get the new Doom LP for US distro, please be patient.

Sacrilege LP is sold out on Green vinyl, stop asking.