Update Jan 2, 2013

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Here's the first update of the new year. I've just added some great new releases, the Desperat/Deathraid split LP, Rattus "Ratcage" Lp re issue and Disorder "Under the Scalpel Blade" Lp re issue. A lot of people are asking about the Institution LP, we sold out in a matter of hours, but more copies are on the way. If you haven't heard about this LP, it's a new Swedish band with members of Meanwhile, Totalitar and Heratys and it's most excellent. We will be stocking newest round of Finnish Re issues from Svart (Kohu 63 Lp etc.) I will start ordering more new stock and re stocking as soon as I'm done with the annual inventory.

Please note: postage rates are going up again Dec 31st. Rates for overseas shipments will be going up substantially, order now while it's comparatively cheap.

Some people have asked about the old MRR columns that were posted on the old site, I'm going to start adding those to this "blog" shortly. As for the photos, tour dates, and other stuff that was on the old site, it's gone forever. In the early 00's there wasn't much diy content on line and I loaded up the Havoc site with as much cool stuff as I could find. Now there's tons of content on the web and the only thing people use this site for is buying records.

At the pressing plant now is the new 12" "Provocation" by the Vile which features Rat from Varukers. This will be out shortly. Next up after that will a string of Varukers 7" re issues. I don't have many other releases planned for 2013.

I have been getting a raw deal from the pressing plant I've used for the last 20+ years and need to take some time to re organize and adjust to current conditions before I unleash a ton more releases. Re presses and distribution will continue as always.