Update Jan 27, 2013

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Postage rates have gone up. The US rates increased only incrementally, but the overseas rates have gone way up. Our webstore has automatically updated with the new prices. As far as I can tell from looking at the new rates, the increases are steepest for the smallest parcels. That is to say the cost of shipping one 7" to Europe has just about doubled, wheras shipping 10 Lps to Europe has only gone up about 10 or 20%. Either way the new rates are brutal and are the last thing this struggling business needed right now.

I've updated the webstore with the Blitz "Voice of a Generation" LP re issue, a personal favorite of mine and a street punk classic. The Institution LPs are almost gone.

Aus Rotten "Fuck Nazi Sympathy" and Desperat "Borjan Pa Slutet" have been re pressed and are back in stock.