Update July 28th

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Just added to the webstore, after three years in the making, vinyl re issue  of all the Varukers 7"s from the 1980s. As well as the Massacred Millions 12" as a 7".  Six titles in all, ever one a classic of UK hardcore punk. The first 100 copies are on color vinyl, and sold only as a set.

Protest and Survive on Red Vinyl

I Don't Wanna Be a Victim on Purple Vinyl

Die For Your Government on Blue Vinyl

Massacred Millions on White Vinyl

No Hope of a Future on Grey Vinyl

Led to the Slaughter on Green Vinyl


Black vinyl can be ordered individually.

Please note, black vinyl won't start shipping until next week, we have to put them together yet. Stores and distributors, these will be available for wholesale orders early next week. Write now for our full catalog at info@havocrecords.com