Update June 28th

Killer update today, simply outstanding records keep being pressed and re issued. I am constantly amazed at how many great records are now available on vinyl that were out of print for so long. If these had been around in the 90's and early 00's when people were still buying records it would have been amazing. Re issues of the Anti-Cimex 7"s, how can you go wrong, these are essential releases for the hardcore genre. Bastard Lp re press another essential ripper. But my pick for this update is the 7" of the Paranoid "hardcore addict" demo, outstanding Swedish hardcore, check it out. I also got a few of the Infernoh/Effluxus tour splits if anyone missed them.

Next release will by the US press of the Institution LP, covers and inserts are here, but since it takes eons to get vinyl pressed these days, I am still waiting for the vinyl.

Up after that I am very excited to announce an official LP version of the Sacrilege (UK) demos. I'm working with band now to get first class audio masters and artwork.