Update June 7

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Pre Discogs Set Sale. 

Prices shown are for payment by venmo, or cash and carry/local pickup. If you are paying with paypal let me know I will add the fees to the shipping total. Everything that doesn’t sell this week goes on discogs at somewhat higher prices. 

Email xhavocrecordsx@gmail.com with what you want and I will reply promptly with availability and shipping total. 

Due to high costs and shipping delays caused by the Rona, this is USA only! USA ONLY! 

If you want to add any records from the havocrex discogs page or havocrecords.com website just add them to your list when you email and I will get you a total. I just added several hundred similar titles to the havocrex discogs page last few weeks. 


Photos on instagram @xhavocrecordsx

Grading is vinyl/sleeve

All originals/first press unless noted


Pullti - EP with Antikeho, Nato, Appendix, Maho Neitsyt, Etuala  NM/NM $200

Saitraat Mielet - Tippa Tappa, Finnish press, NM/VG+ $35

Rattus -  Rajoitettu Ydinsota VG+/VG+ $20

Riistetyt -  Laki Ja jarjestys, 2d press, green viny, top of oversize sleeve rumpled/creased VG+/VG- $30

Totalitar - Alting Ar Pa Lastas nm/vg+ $75

Totaltiar Vansinnets Historia nm/nm $25

Appendix - EP first press vg+/vg+ $130

Bastards - 10 track ep yellow vinyl, back and white one side sleeve ex/ex $200

Dystopia - Backstabber nm/vg+ $20

Kaaos/Cadgers 4th press/100 white cover, $25


Angry Samoans - Inside My Brain 1987 PVC press ex/vg $20

Aggression - Dont be Mistaken green swirl on cover, ex/vg+ $25

Bastard - Wind of Pain/comp tracks, boot nm/nm 20

Bastards - Siberian Hardcore vg+/vg+ $45

Comes - No Side Hirohito Hardcore boot  nm/ex $20

Cryptic Slaughter - Stream of Consciousness white labels, vg+/vg $18

Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, spanish press on Edigsa, with banned photo of band on back cover. vg+/vg $25

DOA - Blood-Bloodied but unbowed nm/vg+ $15

Finnish Spunk Hard Beat - with Riistetyt, Appendix, Bastards, Kaaos, Destrucktions Terveet Kadet, Tampere SS more vg+/vg+ $40

Four Old 7”S on an 12”  first press, with poster $30

Hellbastard - Heading for Internal Darkness vg+/vg+ $20

Innocentes - Panico em SP g/g seam split, tear on cover, minor surface noise, otherwise not too bad this record never turns up in good condition. $30

Kohu 63 - Lisaa Verta Historiaan, with inserts/poster vg+/vg+ $125

Kansanturvamusiikkikonnissio (KTMK) 666 re press on power it up, $8

Loose Prick NM/vg+ $55

Metallica - Ride the Lightning barcode is 7559603961, vg/vg $35

Mob 47 - back to attack nm/nm double LP $35

Mob 47 - demo/live brazillian boot nm/vg+ $15

Naked Raygun - Throb Throb nm/vg+ $25

Nardcore - with RKL, Dr. Know, Stalag 13, Ill Repute, Aggression etc. vg/g+ with booklet $30

Negative Approach - tied down, green cover, nm/ex with insert $225

Nukketeatteri - Toinen Naytos vg/g+ $20

Paa Kii - Paa Kii nm/vg+ $17

Poliisivaltio - Fuck Your Discos nm/ex $10

Propaganda Live - with Bastards, Terveet Kadet, Varaaus, Riistetyt more Vg+/vg+  $45

Pyhakoulu - Pyhakoulu Vg+/VG $100

Rattus - WC Rajhattaa vg+/vg+ $220

Raw Power - Screams from the gutter, orange and purple labels,  Vg+/Vg+ no insert $25

Really Fast Vol 1 - with Anti Cimex, Missbrukarna, Asta Kask, Huvudtvatt etc. nm/vg+ $150

Really Fast Vol 2 - with SOD, Mob 47, Sotlimpa, more nm/vg+$100

Riitstetyt - Raiskottu Tulevaisuus - nm/vg+ with poster $30

Russia Bombs Finland - with Kaaos, Riistetyt, Bastards, Appendix more black vinyl vg+/vg+ $50

Rytmihairio - surman siipien havinaa nm/vg+ $30

Sacrilege- early demos nm/nm $20

Stengte Dorer - hver gad er en perfekt dag nm/nm yellow vinyl $60

Skitslickers - 12” on distortion nm/vg+ $75

Totalitar/Dismachine - nm/ex $50

Totalitar/Disclose - Havoc Press w insert, nm/vg+ $60

Totaltiar - Sin Egen Motstandare nm/nm $75

Wolfbrigade - In Darkness You Feel No Regrets nm/ex $30

Wolfbrigade - wolfpack years 10” NM/nm $30

Wolfpack - All Day Hell First press, nm/ex $15

Ypo Viis- Karhulan Poikii vg/vg $120

YYY (Youth Youth Youth) Sin VG+/VG $80