Update March 17

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Out now on Havoc/Punk Records The Vile Provocation 12” Two fingers in the air punk rock from members of Discharge, Varukers, Broken Bones, Disorder..

Also a big update to the webstore with:
Perdition-Martial Law 7”
Maailmanloppu new 2 song 7”
Ahneus LP (ex Rattus, Finnish hardc0re!)
Brain Tumors and Wild Child 7”s on Deranged
Restock of Hellbastard Rippercrust, Axegrinder “grind the enemy” LPs
Tons of dead stock Finnish hardcore rescued from the vaults
Kaaos Ismit LP, Riistetyt Orjat Ja Kurjat 10”, Meanwhile “ghostface democracy” 7”, Viimeinen Kolonna “Irvikuva” and “Aisten Juhalla” LP
Svart Framtid “1984” 7” re issue
Boskops “Lauschgift” LP re issue
Plus more Cheap CDs and some restocks further back in the catalog…

Look for Kromosom on tour in the USA and at Chaos in Tejas. Desperat will be touring the West Coast in September!

Coming next on Havoc Varukers 7" re issues.