Update Nov 13

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Here's what's new at Havoc Rex. A new pressing of the Kaaos Ei Enää Kipua Ei Tuskaa LP. If you love Finnish Hardcore, you'll see I've just repressed the Kaaos Riiistinaulittu Kaaos LP which is many of the same tracks and also still in stock is the Huvinkumpu tapes ep and if you still don't have the Nukke EP, I'm down to the last handful of copies. Also in stock are two 7"s by Absolute Order doing a Bristol style noise punk attack. Lots of restocks, Hellbastard "Rippercrust" Headcleaners "Collection" Los Crudos double LP discography is back print as are both Limp Wrist LPs. Another handful of Mock Execution LPs, More English Dogs re issues, and a warehouse score stack of DYS LPs.