Update October 2d

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Things have been pretty slow around here, not a lot of new releases coming out, but we do have a solid update for you this time around. A big parcel from Halvfabrikat Records arrived, with the latest in Swedish crust/hc and restocks of the Link/Absolutist LP and Distress LP. Unrest Records has re issued the Accused "Martha Splatterhead" and "Return of Martha Splatterhead" with the original cover art, there's some good stuff from Loud Punk Records, 80's UK punk from External Menace and Self Abuse plus a new 7" from Neutron Rats. And a r eissue of one of the original sketchy hardcore bands Lockjaw "dead friends"

There were some problems with the Broken Bones "A single decade" LP laquers and it's been re cut.