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Vinyl // 7"

Fast and furious hardcore from LaCrosse, Wisconsin. USV played full bore energetic hardcore with no slow parts or metal influence. Solid fast high energy hardcore. How can you go wrong? Reminds me of early 80's Boston bands like DYS, Siege, and SSD mixed with a little of the late 90's Power Violence sound. USV released the Choke Slammed Back to Life LP on Deranged in 2000. USV toured quite a bit and never really got the recognition they deserved. They toyed with the idea of moving to a bigger city, but broke up instead. This ep is one of the "sleepers" on my label. It's never sold a huge amount of copies, but rages just as hard as bands twice as popular. I guess that's what coming from a small city in Wisconsin gets you. Ex-members went on to Weaving the Deathbag and Drysocket.

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First pressing, 1999: 500 red vinyl, 2500 Marbled vinyl

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Side A:Another Cop Song, No More, Survey Says..., Punch Line,Side B:Fuckin' Happy Enough for You? Fight U., Ooooh, you SOB, Grown Up/Burnt Out