No Hold Back All Attack

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One day some genius posts on an internet message board that the scene needs a new comp and before you know it there's a 54 band Triple LP/Double CD compilation of all local bands. This record covers all the bases from grindcore, to crust, to SE MetalCore to pop punk and more. Bands you've grown up listening to, bands you've never heard of, bands you'll never hear again. Over all pretty essential listening for anyone into what's going on in Midwestern punk and hardcore today. Standout tracks by Dillinger Four, Soviettes, Misery, Calloused and Holding On. This is only the second Triple LP punk comp I know of. (Dan Doh comp being the first). Available at a special low price because lots of bands played benefit shows to help put this out!

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One Pressing, 2002: 2000 triple LP, 2000 double CD.

Track Listing: 

Featuring: 1-2-GO! CREW give the kids what they want, A-BOMB NATION this city, A SUMMARY EXECUTION #1, AMERICAN MONSTERS hungry ghosts, ANY LAST WORDS "god"-zilla, BIG FUCKIN SKULL tin skull soldier, BLACK BRICK KISS every time a bell rings, BLEEDING HICKEYS pudding cloud, BODIES LAY BROKEN pants down in the graveyard, CALLOUSED second skin, COFFIN CHEATERS kill you fuckers, CREEPING CHARLIE anal cunt is my favorite sXe hardcore band, THE CRUSH tasting you and spitting out, CUT THROAT HOODS puppet master, DAMAGE DEPOSIT video games & the simpsons are killing hardcore, DEATH TRUCK anathema, DILLINGER FOUR carpetbaggers union local 612, ED GEIN FAN CLUB I like the cops (dub version), EL PUNKEKE & THE ALIENS dead planet, ENAMOR the vast spring, THE FRAMED bottom of the bottle, FREEZE BABY panty raid revenge, THE GOOCHERS sucker, HOLDING ON three ninety one, IGNORANUS solitary figure, INTERNATIONAL ROBOT souvenier, THE LAGGARDS r.u.c., MARTYR AD into stone, MENSTRUAL TRAMPS punk rock nation, MILES AHEAD point of no return, MISERY bottom of the bottle, NEHEMIAH awaiting eschelence, NOXIOUS zombies are taking over the earth, ONWARD TO MAYHEM DIY or DIE, PATH OF DESTRUCTION all used up, PLATE-O-SHRIMP d-r-u-n-k, PONTIUS PILOT change our existence, PROVOKED existence, RED SATYRS sweet, RED VENDETTA the city is my sanctuary, RIVETHEAD in my heart a warehouse burns for you, THE SCAMPS time stands still for no one, SCORNED consumption you feed, SEASON OF FIRE the dare, SECONDS BEFORE turn the key and go (just drive), SONG OF ZARATHUSTRA shakes in pain, THE SOVIETTES twin cities sound, STILLBORN visions of a dead world, THE SUBVERSIVES we won't compromise, SWEET JAP debusen, TOO PURE TO DIE first to fall, THE UNSTUCK the line, WITH DEAD HANDS RISING capture the plague, XDEVASTATORX retribution (poser police force remix)