Both 12"s on an LP

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Vinyl // 12"

Willful Neglect hailed from the East Side of St. Paul and released a self titled 12" in 1982 and the Justice for No One 12" in 1983. Their style was fast aggressive hardcore with some high energy rock influence thrown in. I'd compare them to White Cross or maybe Verbal Abuse. This re issue compiles both 12"s on one LP under license from the bands own Neglected Records, who also released a CD discography a few years ago.

Release Date: 
May, 2010
Pressing Info: 


SPLIT RELEASE WITH HOEHNIE RECORDS OF GERMANY: First Pressing, May 2010: 1600 copies black, 400 green split between both labels. Limited edition of 100 with screen printed covers/green vinyl.

Track Listing: 

E.M.S.&D./good clean fun/Outa my mind/ Banned/Abort the Mission/ Rebel/ Gash Abuse/ 5 Nice Guys/ Geeks/ Herpes (will I get)/ Willful Neglectors/ Criminals// (White Collar) Not Guilty/ Deprogrammed/ Justice for No One/ Caskets/ Vegetable Zero/ Gash development (continuing saga) Same old bullshit/ Scratch N Sniff/ I was drunk/ Bobbin on wally/ Taint