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Vinyl // 12"


An unrelenting blast of raw punk anger. This genre defining record turned up the intensity of hardcore punk several notches. A searing protest against the insanity of war and madness of politicians set to the most powerful and bombastic hardcore assault laid down to that date

Pressing Info: 

First Pressing, December 2010, 200 clear vinyl, 1800 Black Vinyl.

Second Press, August 2011: 1000 black vinyl.

Third Press, 2014: 1000 black vinyl.

Fourth Press, 2015: 1000 black vinyl

Fifth Press, 2021: 2000 black vinyl


Track Listing: 

A:Visions of War, A Look At Tomorrow, Why, Maimed and Slaughtered

B: Mania For Conquest, Ain't No Feeble Bastard, Is this to Be, Masscare of Innocence (Air Attack)

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