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Here are all the Pist tracks from comps, demos, splits and 7"s compiled on one CD. (also available on two LPs) The Pist will long be remembered for their straight ahead and catchy punk and defiant but insightful lyrics. 36 tracks total.

Pressing Info: 

First pressing, October 2008: 2000 copies

Track Listing: 

We're the Pist, Needless, Destroy Society, Textbook Salvation, Hallelujah, Punk Song, No, Ha Ha Ha, For Every Action.., True Love, Mutual, Threat, Warning Shot, I hate Music, New School, Bonanza, Fuk Shit Up, Your America, Anti-Human, Right to Choose, Bubblegum Bullshit, Sedate, Someone's Gonna Die, Unspoken, Small Town, Creature in my Closet, Black and Blue collar, Needless, Slogans, Wrong, Walking Revolution, Sedate, Comfortable, The First Stone, Mutual, Can't Tell No One

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