Is Risen

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Vinyl // 12"

Legendary 1990s East Coast political hardcore punks return with a new lp. Fueled by anger and outrage at the system the Pist are back with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer blow. Hard-hitting punk tracks and simple direct political lyrics. The band is active again and gigs are booked across the USA as well as the UK. Raise your fist, we're still Pist!

Release Date: 
Jan 2024
Pressing Info: 

First press Jan 2024, 300 Green Vinyl, 700 Black Vinyl

Track Listing: 

P.I.S.T./ Cross the Line/ Perfect/ The Ladder/ Let it All Go/ Fight Fire/ Cognitive Dissonance/ Pressure/ Jim Martin

Authoritarian Narcissist/ No Fuckin Way/ Risen/ Corporate Takeover/ Stop Today/ Scapegoat/ None of Your Business/ Best Friends