Tear it Up

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Vinyl // 7"

Tear It Up were from New Jersey and take their name from a Jerry's Kids song. If that gives you one clue here's another, several of these guys were in Dead Nation. Fast high-energy hardcore. Part of the revival of back to basics hardcore that is swept the nation in the Y2K era. Tear It Up takes on scene sell outs, rapists, and society in their lyrics. All the while reflecting the alienation of the outsider in the lonely crowd. Tear It Up was one of the hardest working bands in hardcore, playing constantly all over the USA and Europe. After this debut release they did a split LP on Deranged, two split 7"s, a one sided 7", the classic Nothing to Nothing LP on Deadalive and finally returned to Havoc for their swan song Taking You Down with Me 12". One of the best bands of the early 00 thrash revival.

Pressing Info: 

First press, 2000: 2500 Marbled vinyl 500 Orange vinyl (note:100 copies on orange vinyl fell out of Tear It Up's trunk onto the highway. Consider it limited to 400 on orange) Some have "halloween" covers and a few of the ones that fell onto Cedar Ave have "Roadrash edition" covers.


 Second Press, Feb 2002: 2,000 black vinylThird Press, Jan 2005: 1,000 black vinylFourth Press, Sept 2007: 1,000 black vinyl

Track Listing: 


Side A:I Feel Better Already/ Life: Take One/ Deadly/ What Part of No...Side B: Through Being Cute/ Confused, Confusion, Not a Game/ And in the End

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