Different Needs

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Vinyl // 7"

Four new tracks for 2007 from Regulations. An outstanding mix of the sounds of late 70's Swedish punk with the early LA scene. At first listen you hear the influence of the Germs and early Black Flag, but more structured and complex guitar work and arrangements on this release show that beneath the sneering raw hardcore punk is a more cerebral approach to hardcore song writing based on the 70's Svensk Punk sound. Top notch material from one of the best hardcore punk bands around today. Dark introspective lyrics, with the exception of New Ways which decries the recent election of a conservative government in Sweden "What Happened to My Say?"

Release Date: 
Aug, 2007
Pressing Info: 


First Pressing, August 2007: 300 gold vinyl, 1700 black. Gold Vinyl sold at gigs on 2007 US tour only.Second Press, November 2007: 1000 black vinyl, yellow center labels. Third Pressing, December 2011: 1000 black vinyl, yellow center labels.

Track Listing: 

Different Needs/My Circle// Cat Eyes/New Ways

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