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After the break up of Epileptic Terror Attack these Umea punks decided to go back to the roots and start a new band with more of an emphasis on roots hardcore punk sounds. Looking to the early LA scene for inspiration, Regulations have the raw energy of hardcore with the catchy and memorable songwriting of early punk. Their two 7"s have become cult classics with collectors. This LP delivers a non stop barrage of sing a long, fist pumping early 80's style punk rippers. Mixes the best elements of Copenhagen bands like Amdi Petersen's Arme, Young Wasteners and No Hope for the Kids with the Umea sounds of DS 13 and ETA. A perfect hc/punk record start to finish. 

Release Date: 
June 2005
Pressing Info: 

June 2005: 2000 copies.

Track Listing: 

Anna's Eyes/ In 1945/ My Life My Problems/ End It Now/ I Feel Sick/ I Don't Need// Police Siren/ Sex With Jesus/ We Always Know What To Do/ Walking by Myself/ No More Hell/ Fashion Girl

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