Can't Relate

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Vinyl // 12"




Following up their 7" on Havoc and splits with Rambo and Intense Youth, Caustic Christ unleashed their first full length on the scene. Poseurs shall know fear as the Caustic Christ hardcore steamroller crushes all opposition. Caustic Christ has one of the most unique "sounds" in current hardcore because they mix the bass heavy drive of Swedish crust with the high octane thrash of American hardcore. The lyrics and music sound so aggressive and pissed off the speakers can barely contain the rage. Lryically the straight forward agitprop of Aus Rotten has been replaced by a more bleak form of social commentary based on a desperate alienation. But critics who think Caustic Christ have distanced themselves from political statements should read the lyrics to Satisfied Means Pacified and other tracks on this LP. The cover artwork is by Tommy Gun who also did the 7" and shirt artwork. I was a little un nerved by the choice of Ha Ha Ha by Flipper as a cover, that band always got on my nerves, but hey some of you out there are going to like it. The CD version of this contains all the 7" and split release tracks as well, making it essentially a Caustic Christ discography of their material up to the release of the LP.

Release Date: 
June 2003
Pressing Info: 


First Pressing, June 2003: 100 purple vinyl with block printed parchment covers, sold in special mail order edition, 500 green vinyl, 2400 black vinyl. First CD pressing, June 2003: 2000.Second CD pressing, 2006: 1000.Second Pressing, November 2008: 500 Black.

Track Listing: 

LP - Sobriety Sucks/False Alarm/Blank Stare/Frat Boy/Reside/Can't Relate/Infect/The Fix/Immaculate Deception/Satisfied Means Pacified/Days Are Numbered/Ha Ha Ha 

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