Caustic Christ

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Vinyl // 7"

After Aus Rotten broke up, Corey and Eric decided to start a new band with a more hardcore direction. Adding Bill Chamberlain of the Pist/React/Broken on guitar solidified their line up. Tragedy struck when their first drummer was injured in a car accident and was no longer able to play drums. Enter a borrowed drummer from Submachine (later to become the permanent drummer) and the result is a band whose components are some of the most experienced and dedicated punk musicians in the Eastern US. Corey gave me a Caustic Christ demo when he was in town with the Unseen and I liked it. But when I saw them open for DS 13 at Mr. Roboto in Pittsburgh I knew I had to put out a record by this band. Caustic Christ play sick heavy hardcore that I would best describe as a cross between early Corrosion of Conformity and Swedish crust core like Wolfbrigade and Skitsystem. Fans of crust and fast 80's style hardcore will no doubt both like this 7" as it bridges the two genres perfectly. Lyrics deal with aleination from dead end jobs, destruction of the environment and the horror of everyday life in 21st century society.

Release Date: 
March 2002
Pressing Info: 


First pressing, March 2002: 2500 black, 500 gold. Thrash Fest 3 edition with burned wood cover, 100 white vinyl. Second Pressing, August 2003: 2000 black vinyl.Third Pressing, May 2007: 2000 black vinyl.

Track Listing: 

No Love/Fear.../Bloodsucking Fiends // Dead the the world/Destructive and Desperate/Strangled by progress

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